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Take a discovery tour through the history and present of the maritime city. Explore KIEL.SAILING CITY and discover interactively the most beautiful corners of the city during the GPS-guided city tour. The tour is available in German, English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Italian, Spanish or French. It starts from the city center, along the Kiel Fjord to Holtenau and back. You can decide when or where the tour starts, how long it takes and in what way you walk to the next attraction.

For further tips and information about cultural events, restaurants, attractions in Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein as well as offered accommodations, the Kiel-guide is an optimal mobile travel guide - whether from home or on-site.

Free Download für iOS und Android:

After downloading it once, the audio commentary can also be used in offline mode without an internet connection.

Summary of Features:

  • GPS-guided city tour in 8 languages
  • Automatic start of commentary when attraction is reached
  • Anytime available, regardless of opening times and days
  • No hidden costs, after downloading it once no internet connection required for audio commentary


The Kiel Guide is a project of the cruise destination Schleswig-Holstein and was delevoped in cooperation with Kiel-Marketing and Northdocks.