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Kiels new meeting point

How did the Idea come about?

- In 2009 there was a Citizen participation process called “Perspektiven für die Innenstadt” (Perspectives for downtown), and the Citizens pushed toward that idea. 

When was the Holstenfleet completed? 

- In August 2020 the completion of “Kiels new meeting point” was celebrated. In 2021 the official name of the canal was decided. From now on it is called “Holstenfleet". 

How was the project financed? 

- 3 mil. € came from the state capital Kiel itself. But most of that had to be used to redevelop the Holstenbrücke. Funding and state funds of nearly 8 mil. € could be used for the development of Kiels Downtown. 

Why where those nearly 8 mil. € not used to fund social sector of the State capital Kiel?

-Those nearly 8 mil. € where bound to a cause and had to be used for urban development. The funds will otherwise go to cities like Lübeck or Flensburg with similar projects. 

You can find more information under: 
Holstenfleet (german)